Monday 25 March 2013

Goodbye Midge

It's been a sad week for me as I said goodbye to my dear, sweet cat Midge. She had been in our lives for 17 years and was a sensitive and gentle little cat who loved to sleep under the covers with Taigen and always waited very patiently for me to finish my morning cereal so that she could lick the remaining milk. She came to me via a lovely neighbour of my Aunt Mary who had a farm with many cats, but Midge was from a small litter that were from her house cat named "Momma Cat". I first set eyes on her when she was 6 weeks old and immediately fell in love with her half black/half orange head with it's perfectly neat division and her black mask that always made her look a bit "owlish" to me. We collected her several weeks later, and found ourselves leaving with 2 cats not one! A beautiful orange tabby kitten had fallen for Taigen and it was not going to be left behind. The kittens squirmed all the way home on the laps of our kids who valiantly managed to keep them from crawling around on the floor of the car. It has been love ever since and although we still have our beloved Jinx to cuddle and hold and beautiful Ruby to play with, there is an absence yet...

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